Friday, November 5, 2010

Editing - Design - Video

A new partnership is about to launch. I’m building on the independent publishing knowledge I’ve gained over the last decade, plus the intense writing focus that started a decade earlier, plus the professional video experience that began over a decade before that (we’re talking all the way back to the late ‘70s now). Add to those the top-notch graphic design and typography skills of my friend, Joe Tantillo, another seasoned veteran with independent publishing history, and the result is our new venture, Indie Book Studio. We’ll be offering editing, design, file prep, and video services to self-publishing authors and small presses. The web site is not ready to be unveiled just yet, but watch for my announcement soon. Meanwhile, here are two video trailers I produced for my friend Djelloul Marbrook’s award-winning poetry book, Far From Algiers. I like how the atmospheric first poem, “Flutes of the Djinn,” carries a powerful nonduality message in its final lines, and the second, “Autobiography,” embodies the wisdom of compassion for our child selves.


  1. The one thing I think is missing off that list is marketing advice. It's the hurdle most of us fall at. But good luck with the venture nevertheless.

  2. You're right, Jim -- a hurdle I'm always facing. I suspect we'll give a little marketing advice here and there, but neither of us has real expertise in that arena, so we decided not to make it an official offering. Along with helping to make the product as professional as possible, we will provide links to additional resources for publishing, distribution, and marketing. Thanks for your note.